image for Man sues Louis Vuitton after finding brown stripes in his $  200 underpants!

no problems with “brown striping” here!

After buying a pair of Louis Vuitton underpants in the LV boutique on Sunset Boulevard for $ 250,00 dollars and wearing them only once, he discovered that there were several brown stripes in them.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, but has been nicknamed the Phantom Farter, is now suing Louis Vuitton because they refused to exchange the underpants for a clean pair.

The man claimed that if he spent $ 250,00 dollars on underpants they should not have brown stripes in them at any time. Louis Vuitton claim that their underpants are “brown stripe free” and the man obviously didn’t wipe his bum properly or he eat too many curry and chips which tend to cause heavy combustions in the stomach and profuse farting attacks!

Louis Vuitton claim that this total abuse of their underwear is not covered by their terms of guarantee, hence, no exchange or reimbursement for the Phantom Farter of LA.

Louis Vuitton have also announced that Lance Armstrong wore their underwear on 7 Tour de France’s and he never complained once about brown stripes in his pants because he destroyed all evidence that could have lead to him being banned for drug abuse!

Lance has been dropped by LV and now only wears Walmart undies. As for the Phantom Farter; he has vowed to drop all of his Louis Vuitton underpants until they compensate him for the discomfort!

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