image for After The NBA Season Ends - The Lakers Will Star In A New Reality TV Show

Four of the Los Angeles Laker Girls who will be appearing in the reality soap opera As The Basketball Turns.

LOS ANGELES – Well it appears that the owner of The Los Angeles Lakers, Jerry Buss, has finally figured it out.

He has contacted Tansinella Wickovich, a spokesperson with The Epitome Television Network, and plans are in the works to have the current Lakers team star in a reality soap opera to be called As The Basketball Turns.

The show will premier at the end of the current season. Buss informed Sporting Chance Magazine reporter Hercules Confetti that in order to recoup some of the money he has lost from low ticket sales he has agreed to have his Laker players appear in the ETN reality show.

Buss noted that early research feelers indicate ratings for his new show could surpass such established shows as The Real Housewives of Intercourse, Pennsylvania; Khloe & Lamar; Home Celebrity Rehab; and The Muffin Makers.

The reality show will star the entire Lakers team but will feature Kobe Bryant (of course) along with Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, and Steve Nash.

SIDENOTE: Buss pointed out that the Los Angeles Laker Girls will also be appearing on As The Basketball Turns and he promises that the lovely ladies will all wear the shortest shorts on the market.

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