trustApple has dropped out of the Top 20 list in world’s largest survey of consumer trust. Apple’s 21st ranking in the Ponemon Institute’s Most Trusted Companies for Privacy Study is its lowest ranking in three years. The survey asks consumers to name and rate organizations they believe are most committed to protecting the privacy of their personal information.

Apple fell from 8th place in 2009 to 12th in 2010, 14th in 2011 and 21st in 2012.Β Apple was not the only major company to find itself having been knocked out of a top-20 place, being joined by both Google and Facebook.

The Ponemon Institute is careful to point out that the survey reflects consumer perceptions of privacy, rather than actual privacy practices. Apple Insider notes that Apple has tightened its privacy controls in a number of ways following revelations that the Path app was uploading users’ address books without permission. Apple now requires apps to obtain explicit permission from users before contact information can be accessed. Apps also seek permission before using accessing location data.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market were criticised by the FTC in December for failing to disclose to parents ways in which data might be shared from children’s apps.

facebook has been knocked out of the top 20 most trusted companies…

facebook was actually viewed as a trusted company..?

Show me a person that trusts a company, I’ll show you a world-class moron.
Anyone else first thought that institute’s name was Pokemon?

Is the Ponemon Institute a widely respected/trusted institute? I’ve never head d them before.

Everyones heard of Ponemon πŸ˜‰

Not really surprising.

People slate Google when it comes to privacy, but in reality all the big boys adopt the same approach, Google are just able to make more cash out of it than anyone else due to their search business.

At the end of the day not a single one of them uses identifiable information, it doesn’t get sold to anyone, its all used for advertisements and working out usage trends to tweak services. We for example make use of visitor tracking (like most websites do) to work out where people leave our site, so for things like online shops you can say ‘ok where did our site go wrong – why did the user not checkout’ and tweak stuff until your conversion rates improve.

The idea that someone like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc are secretly selling your personal details is just dumb.


So much for doubling down security πŸ˜‰

They never said anything about your security though πŸ˜‰ :p

Anyone else first thought that institute’s name was Pokemon?

Gotta Protect Them All!

The stock went up 2 days in a row, they had to come up with something to break the rally.

Take off your tin foil hat. It’s an annual report. And it was a survey. The survey itself doesn’t slam or comment on Apple’s omission from the list.

So much for doubling down security πŸ˜‰

your privacy is not your property

Not those pictures haunting me again. I’ve told you before they were just ‘curiosity shots’ :p

Google doesn’t give away any information

True, they charge for the information :D.

And yet another thread will devolve into Apple vs Google.

I expect we’ll see the quote that if you’re not paying for a service, you’re the product.

Google sells your personal information.

Google tracks everything you do without your permission

Google is evil

Apple doesn’t sell your information

Android is riddled with ads

and so on…

Why people want to get bent out of shape because of this report is astounding.

Has anyone actually READ the report by the way? You know – instead of just reading the article on this site?

p.s. it must REALLY burn some people’s butts that Microsoft is on the list…

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