The FCC has published paperwork, discovered by Engadget, that Apple filed late last week on what appears to be a new model of the Apple TV. This follows on yesterday’s revelation that iOS 6.1 included support for an as yet unrevealed AppleTV3,2 model.

NewappletvEngadget writes:

While the diagram pictured above doesn’t suggest any major changes to the device’s appearance, it does list some slightly smaller measurements: 93.78mm square compared to the 98mm of the current model. That’s certainly not the biggest of differences, but the measurements in previous Apple FCC filing have been spot on. The model number, A1469, is also one that we haven’t seen before, but the documents unfortunately don’t offer much else in the way of details (only confirmation of the same WiFi capabilities as the current-gen Apple TV).

In the middle of this month, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — who has been accurate in the past — posted his expectations for Apple’s various product launches this year. He expected a new Apple TV model late in the first calendar quarter, which lines up with the filing.

Wow! A moderately smaller Apple TV! Just what I was waiting for!!!

–Said no one ever.

I want the ‘big’ Apple TV…you know the mythical one we are waiting on. 😀
I hope it’s lighter and thinner, too! I find it really uncomfortable holding my ATV 3 in my hands when I watch TV for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. 😉
Steve was right!

They Finally Cracked It!!!!!!!

If this is the only change then they are truly lost when it comes to what their customers want.
and here I thought they were already incredibly small
LOVING the new dimensions. I have a small slice of Swiss cheese that previously would not fit in my home theater setup.

I would actually be stoked by a “modular” AppleTV. That way I could upgrade the puck with new abilities, without having to throw away some huge, expensive display. Alas, it is probably too good to be true. :(

So here we have it, the stackable system; Mac Mini, Airport Express, External Storage, and AppleTV:


Apple tv could use an update to a Gigabit Ethernet. Currently it only has a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet connection. Would speed up loading from our libraries a bit faster and match some of the higher internet speeds.

For those who were wondering, that’s a 4.22mm drop in length from both sides, and ~855mm^2 drop in footprint.

no it’s not.

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