image for Hillary Cinton Goes Into Shock After Receiving Flowers from Rush Limbaugh

Clinton about to receive bouquet of Roses

Washington D.C. – Just hours after articles demanding an apology for claims that Hillary Clinton was not really ill and that her problems were too convenient. the Secretary of State received a special delivery.

“It was 2 dozen roses,” said Clinton Staffer, Sandra Dee, “She was fine until she looked at the card then she swooned and that was the last we heard from her. Hit her head again in nearly the same place”

“Rush Limbaugh is a cruel man!” said Bill Clinton, looking angry at the cameras, “He didn’t mean a word of what he said on that card, he knew what it could do to her!”

Rush Limbaugh refused to acknowledge the apology, calling it a “bald face lie. I never would apologize to that woman! Besides the Roses weren’t my idea, it was that John McCain, he talked fancy to me!”

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