The naysayers and doomsday prophets have come home to roost in Boston now that Rajon Rondo is gone for the season.

The tide of fan support for Rondo appears to be going out and taking the point guard with it.

The Celtics are now without Rondo for the immediate future, which is like being up a creek without a paddle.

A day without Rondo is like a day without sunshine, according to no one.

The Celts are likely to float without direction as they become like a ship without a rudder.

You may find the Celtics are like a birthday cake without candles, or worse-like a birthday cake with candles that you cannot blow out. Bring on the blowhard Rondo.

At long last the Boston team starts to resemble the Red Sox in simile fashion as they are like the Sox clubhouse without chicken and beer.

Watching the Celts roll along the NBA highway will now be like traveling on the Mass. Turnpike without change to pay at the tollbooth.

No Rondo? It’s like playing Monopoly, passing ‘Go’ and forgetting to collect your $ 200.

The Celtics without Rondo are like Boris Badenov without his Fearless Leader.

Without Rondo, the Celtics become Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett without Ray Allen.

Having no Rondo on the Boston team is like Rondo without a chip on his shoulder.

The Celtics without Rondo is like a humorist without a punch line and a long season ahead.

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