image for Illuminati predict Belgium's Queen Fabiola next for the chop as Dutch monarch finally chickens out

Queen Fabiola’s no oil painting, eh?

Amsterdam – The abdication of Holland’s Queen Beatrix Potter has started a chain reaction with Belgian malingerer Queen Fabiola next for the chop according to Hellfire Club sources tonight.

Beatrix has channeled the Dutch queen for 33 years on a ludicrously over-the-top stipend ‘considering a dog on the streets of Timbuktoo has more royal blood than her’ according to Illuminati ‘deep throat’ Ludo Goebbels.

Now her ‘royal’ second cousin thrice removed Queen Fabiola of Belgium also faces relegation as leagues of Margaret Thatcher-lookalike ‘royal’ old sows get the message about buggering off.

Last month Queen Fab was outed as a tax-dodging cheat after being caught money laundering huge sackfuls of Belgian taxpayer handouts to some very dodgy Spanish relatives’ offshore bank accounts.

The Belgian government reacted swiftly slashing her grace-and-favor royal welfare checks by over half a million squid in a move slammed as ‘cruel and unusual’ by the wily old monarch.

“Truss me, she’s next,” Ludo Goebbels added.

“Wanna see pics of the naked Queen Mother shagging Herman Goering in 1942?”

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