Last week, MacRumors received word that office supply retailer Staples would soon begin offering Apple products for sale. While the company has offered Apple products in international markets for some time, it had long been unsuccessful in striking a deal for the U.S. market.

We were unable to confirm the claim at the time, but 9to5Mac now reports that Apple products have begun appearing on the Staples website in the United States as part of an Apple Mock Up section. The section includes a number of products, including the Apple TV (listed at a remarkably low price of $ 49.99) and iPad Smart Covers, all marked with “Test” in the item description.

While the products listed on the test pages are limited to accessories with the exception of the Apple TV, our original source had claimed that Apple’s full lineup of Macs, iPads, and at least the iPhone 5 would be coming to Staples in the United States. No specific timeframe for an official launch of Apple’s products at Staples beyond “in the coming months” has been shared.

It sells the Surface too.

Actually, it carries the Surface. Not sure they are selling any….

I had an interview at Staples recently. The interviewer who happened to be the assistant manager said electronics are their least profitable items.

They need them as loss leaders and to drive traffic. When was the last time your friends said, hey, let’s go check out the cool manilla folders at Staples?

I’ m sure that $ 49 on the site is surely also be a ‘test’. I can not imagine Staples selling this at a loss.
aTV for 50 bucks would be quite a deal to be honest… 😮

Glassed Silver:mac

It shows its out of stock :rolleyes:
I was able to order two last night. Threw in a roll of duct tape and used the $ 15 off of $ 100 coupon. Everything said it went through but I never got an email confirmation. Just checked this morning and my order no longer shows the ATV’s but it seems they are in process of shipping me a roll of duct tape! All well, it was worth a try.

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