THX, the company behind Lucasfilm’s audio/visual reproduction standard for movie theaters, A/V equipment, and more, has released a new iPhone app to assist consumers with calibrating their HDTV’s and home theater setups. The app is currently free for one week, but will rise to $ 1.99 after.

THX prefers that users connect the app to their television via Apple’s official HDMI adapter, but AirPlay Mirroring can also be used for the visual tests — audio tests won’t work over the AirPlay protocol.

But those that do try out THX’s method will be rewarded with modest improvements. In our tests, it worked as advertised. Speaking to The Verge, company reps made clear that Tune-Up isn’t meant to be a substitute for having a professional visit your home for a thorough calibration. Instead, it’s a tool that can (fairly quickly) help your new TV look better than it did the first time you turned it on. And as an added bonus, you’ll be able to play the famous “deep note” that moviegoers hear before THX-certified movies in lossless audio.

THX tune-up is a free download on the App Store for 1 week, before rising to $ 1.99. [Direct Link]

the audience is now deaf.
I got bored and kept playing THX Deep Note through my 5.1 up loud. Slightly turned on right now.
Very cool. Though the 49 dollars apple wants for the cable, not so much.
‘Deep notes’ are quite easy to produce. Getting the right vibrato does depend on what you had to eat recently.

Bonus: extra room near you.

On topic: Blazing Saddles. *That scene*.

(For the uninitiated: baked beans. Say no more.)

Very cool. Though the 49 dollars apple wants for the cable, not so much.

But if the cable were some how “defective,” you could return it… 😉

Professional calibration? I’d wager a fraction of a percent of home systems have had that.

It’s a gimmick and marketing ploy.

It’s a gimmick and marketing ploy.

Not really. You don’t need to have a professional do it, but having your system (both video and audio) will dramatically change the experience.

Am I really the only person here who has had their TV professionally calibrated?
It makes a ton of difference in the colors.
I don’t have a full surround system, so I can’t comment on that.

You’re not alone. I’ve had my Panasonic 65″ VT50 calibrated, and also a 60″ Samsung LED before that. Years ago had the Mits RPTV done also. It might be rare for those on this forum, but over on AVS Forum it’s very common.

It’s a gimmick and marketing ploy.

If done properly it is in no way a gimmick or marketing ploy. It makes a HUGE difference in the viewing experience. Night and day on most TVs if done properly.

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