Police in the US are trying to rescue a man who mistakenly drove into a giant Burmese python in the Florida Everglades.

The huge reptile was napping with its tunnel-sized mouth open when the man, a hunter from Gamesville, Georgia, inadvertently drove his truck into the viper.

He is taking part in the Python Challenge, a month-long open hunting season sponsored by the state of Florida to eradicate Burmese pythons, which are invading the Everglades. The wetlands provide a perfect environment for the snakes, which are growing both in number and size. Many were originally exotic pets released by their owners into the wild.

The hunter called emergency services from inside of the snake. “He sounds OK, a little light-headed on account of the critter having gas,” said officer LeRoy Lebeaux of the Everglades Law Enforcement Unit.

Police are hopeful that they can reach the man with a tow truck.

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