retina_macbook_pro_15_fanEarlier this week, highlighted a growing a number of complaints from owners of Apple’s 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro regarding overactive fans. The issue has been noted in our forums and is the subject of a lengthy thread in Apple’s discussion forums. From one report:

My first instance of runaway fans was under the lightest of conditions, having only one browser open only a few tabs and a cool computer. The fact it was cold is what is so alarming. Out of nowhere the fans spun up to a roar, stayed there for a few minutes, then decelerated back down to idle. Every so often this happens, usually daily, and it’s horribly annoying on a high quality well engineered computer.

From the list of reports flowing in, users suspect that Apple’s recent shift to using SanDisk solid-state drives in the Retina MacBook Pro may have something to do with the issue, although it is likely a software issue rather than a hardware one.

Apple support staff have offered mixed responses to the issue, with some customers receiving replacement machines while others have been assured that the behavior is normal. If the issue is indeed a software one as is suspected, Apple should be able to fix it relatively easily with an update pushed out to owners of the affected machines, but it is unclear whether Apple is working on a fix at this time.

(Photo from iFixit)

And much as my inner fanboy hates to say it, but Samsung parts are always the best parts in Apple products.

Just look at the display even, and the SSD now.

The guy needs to get his priorities straight. His first problem is he needs to reevaluate how much Coldplay is in his music library, the cooling fan is a distant problem in comparison. 🙁
“high quality well engineered computer”


Apple in response: You’re hearing it wrong.
I had the issue, and am part of several threads on it. I simply took 3 different computers back…not for 2800$ am I going to beta something.

And the Sandisks were no slower than the Samsungs in the 13rmbp, which ironically is what I’ve decided to keep.
My fans would randomly go all the way to high, even though system was idle. They would also ramp up and down on a usb 3.0 file transfer over 2GB. No thanks.

My early 1990s Macintosh Classic doesn’t have this problem.
they still haven’t fixed this:

it’s reproducible on all 15″ retinas under certain settings.

I think it’s just a characteristic of the rMBP. I have friends that have them and if you so much as use iPhoto for a few minutes, the fans will be at full blast. Makes you wonder if they designed the fans to be quieter for a reason.
A run away fan usually means that the Regulating Code has crashed. Its part of the Failsafe built into the System A unregulated Fan runs 100% the regulation is what slows it down. That way if something goes wrong no additional damage can happen through the over heating of Vital Components. So it would be interesting to check the related Crash-logs.
It’s the iLeafBlower. No worries folks.

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