image for Bubonic Plague spores seeping into London water supply

Spreading the spores in London today: the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

London – A Black Death burial pit containing hundreds of thousands of medieval skeletons is slowly contaminating rivulets that feed London’s River Thames according to QM-NewsCorpse reports.

Scientists monitoring the excavation under the Farringdon site said toxic spores may still be active after 650 years’ incubation in an area that’s now the $ 24 billion Crossrail project.

The discovery means a compulsory testing of London’s myriad public water features including the fountains at Trafalgar Square and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in nearby Hyde Park.

Historians reckon the epidemic started around 1348 when the Black Prince – Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Aquitaine – found some contaminated whorseflesh in his breakfast sausage and chucked it down a Palace latrine.

Rats then redistributed the festering pathogens which annihilated an estimated 250,000 plebs.

This morning’s find could see the entire 500 acre site quarantined as government health and safety inspectors search for a clean-up solution.

A 10,000 gallon industrial drum load of Paraquat bug killer is being requisitioned by the Environment Agency.

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