Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham took to the Senate floor yesterday afternnon while holding hands and condemned in highly charged language the visit of Dennis Rodman to North Korea.

A red faced and agitated McCain screamed, “This is no way to conduct a cold war! This is no way to prepare to nuke the nasties!” Senator Graham, red faced, shook his head up and down and squeezed McCain’s hand.

McCain continued speaking rapidly, “Next thing Rodman will have the Arabs and the Jews playing basketball on the West Bank! “Then what, said a grimacing Graham. “I’ll tell you what,” shouted McCain. “Then Assad and Ahmadinejad will be shooting free throws with Obama at the White House, that’s what! This is no way to have peace om earth, good will towards men! Geesh!”

In related news, Kim Jong-un has announced that he has purchased the Boston Celtics in America for an unknown sum and has appointed Mickey Rooney as the general manager. Rooney will also play center on the team. Kim stated as he boarded a government plane with Rodham to Boston, “In America my friend Dennis, he hung in effigy. In my country, he hung just fine!”

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