Evernote has upgraded its menulet item to enhance the workflow of its users who take notes frequently. Users can click the Evernote icon in their menubar from within any application and immediately begin typing a note, or can even drag files directly to the icon to upload them to the service.


Use Quick Note to:

– Create a text note instantly. Pop it open with CTRL-CMD-N, type your note. CMD-Return to go back to what you were doing
– Add images and attachments by dragging the image up to the Evernote elephant icon
– Create an instant audio note and grab screenshots with the Helper options
– Have several things to clip to one note? Just keep opening the note with Helper and drop things in as you go

The update has not yet gone live on the App Store, but users can download the new version directly from Evernote’s website.

Evernote is a free download from the Mac App Store. [Direct Link]

This is talking about Evernote for Mac isn’t it? It’s filed under the wrong blog.

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