QuicksilverAfter more than 10 years in beta, the open source launch utility Quicksilver has finally reached version 1.0.

The utility is a Spotlight-on-steroids type utility, that allows power users to open and manipulate files quickly from the keyboard.

After almost 10 years of testing, Quicksilver lays the beta tag to rest. (If the lack of an eszett brings a tear to your eye, you can always reminisce by hitting ⌥S on your keyboard). What does this release mean? It means more than just a change in the version numbering system – it signifies a maturity of Quicksilver and a sign of what’s to come.

For more info on this historic release day, you can read an interview with the lead developers where they discuss their thoughts on Quicksilver, but now it’s time to dive right in and see what Quicksilver’s getting on its release birthday.

Quicksilver is a free download, but the developers welcome donations from users who find it useful.

…Still better than Launchpad.
Since using Alfred, I’ve never even given Quicksilver a second thought!
Always my first download on a new Mac.
Wow! Quicksilver exists!? It’s like it’s 2005 all over again!
Alfred all the way for me.
I have been a long time user of Quicksilver. Since I bought my first iMac running 10.4.4 in 2005. I’m a little bit sad at seeing something I’ve used for so long come out of Beta.

They’re right actually. The lack of an esszet will be a big change. And I think I might even rename the app to have it for nostalgic reasons when I download the new version today on my MacBook.

It still never fails to baffle me why Apple never thought of this for Mac OS X itself. It would’ve been a KILLER feature to advertise.

The utility is a Spotlight-on-steroids type utility

Isn’t the idea behind Quicksilver what Spotlight was based on? So, really, “Spotlight is a Quicksilver on Valium” moniker may be more fitting.

I tried quicksilver several years back, but couldn’t get much value out of it. I even watched a long YouTube video demo given by the guy that developed it (back then).

But either way, good for them for coming out of beta.

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