image for Weed Smoking Cardinals Get High To Pick New Pope

It’s The Most Logical Thing

All eyes will be peeled on the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on Wednesday as the Roman Catholic cardinals tasked with electing the next pope convene for a second day of unadulterated pot smoking.

The 115 voting eligible church leaders will return to the chapel chamber where they will continue to smoke spliffs, reefers and bongs, until someone makes “a bloody decision”.

“It is always the same, they just smoke weed, hence all the smoke, eventually they get the munchies and they just pick the first cardinal who throws up” said Pope expert, David Mikovitz, of Long Beach.

Once a pope has been picked, the cardinals cease smoking their drugs and spray air-freshener into the Sistine Chapel, thus producing white smoke, which will tell the world that a new pontiff has been chosen.

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