I still cannot believe how many freelance web designers take so much for granted.
Even something as important as first impression.

No, I’m not referring to looking good and impressing people when you go out.

First impression is when you interact with a potential client for the first time.
So many of you do not stress enough about it.

But you should.
You really should even wet your pants if that is what it takes.

Today I will give you another easily actionable step to get your gold client.


I know – “Wet Your Pants” probably sounds too confusing for you.
But it is reality and it can make a massive difference.

”You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Wet Your Pants To Impress Your Client

Question: ”So, Are You a Slow Ass, Or Not?”

19th of March, it was my 7th birthday. My Dad gave me an unforgettable present. The present he gave me was a book called The Road Ahead, the book was written by Bill Gates. I’ve been passionately in love with technology and digital culture ever since. But Still, there are two more things I indescribably enjoy: being with my Girl and living in Wales. As of today I write about web technologies at 1WD. Caution: It’s quite often when people think that I’m rude, but the truth is I just like to speak my mind.

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