image for Chicharito and Cheryl Cole Purchase Rihanna's Nudist Resort
Britney Spears was the original owner and used to visit at least twice a week. (Photo by Rico Chorizo).

WEST HOLLYWOOD – The Caribbean singer, Rihanna, 25, has just sold The Naked As A Jaybird Nudist Resort which is located just outside of Petaluma on Highway 101.

Rihanna purchased the nudist resort in April of this year. She told Margarita Mixx with The Tinsel Town Times Tribune that she originally bought it as a type of au naturel weekend getaway for her and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

She told Miss Mixx that now that she has dumped the wimpy woman beater the resort no longer holds any special memories for her.

The “Umbrella” singer said that she told her hair stylist FuFi Fondue that she was going to be putting the nudist resort on the market.

That afternoon Fondue told Cheryl Cole, 29, and her boyfriend pro soccer player Javier Hernández Balcázar known as Chicharito, 25, about it and by 10 p.m. that night both parties had agreed to a purchase price of $ 13.7 million.

Cheryl said that her and Chicharito had been looking for a place just like The Naked As A Jaybird Nudist Resort where they can go and get away from the click clicking of the paparazzi and entertainment news reporters.

Chicharito said that now he and (Chezza) can lay out underneath the California sun completely naked and no one will say a word, sneak a peak, or point.

SIDENOTE: The California publication Los Nudistas lists The Naked As A Jaybird Nudist Resort as the largest, prettiest, and cleanest in the entire state.

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