image for Joe Biden asks Ecuador if Edward Snowden lunatic asylum ready
Behind the Big Desk in the Oval Office this week

Washington DC – US Vice President Biden has phoned President Rafael Correa to ask him about stuff in the Edward Snowden case.

“As you know, President Correa,” Veep Joe explained to the baffled Ecuadorean leader, “with President Barack Obama currently away I am the Big Cheese on Capitol Hill.”

“And I am the Giant Enchilada on top of Carondelet Palace, Senor Biden,” Correa replied, “you like piri-piri sauce with that extradition request?”

The two men then chatted in a friendly and manful manner about all sorts of things in the Edward Snowden case, eventually agreeing the CIA whistleblower ‘might be nuts’ and a blight on Ecuador’s trailblazing human frights record.

“Besides,” Biden added conspiratorially, “you guys have your hands already full with that basket case Julian Assange.”

Correa then rebuked the Obama Administration for hypocrisy, blaming Michelle Obama cheerleaders for the current gay marriage ‘mess’.

Next week VP Joe Biden returns to the backwoods again charged with choreographing this year’s Fourth of July White House staff party.

Stay tuned for a later update in the Snowden extradition case.

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