image for Last Frites for Ratzinger ahead of Friday's Summer Solstice
Secret stash of garlic and chili dipping sauce for the Pope’s last supper

Rome – A giant family sized fun-bucket of speciality Italian Fiefdom Fries has been delivered to the retired Pope’s private quarters in Rome amid Vatican fears His Holiness might not make it past this Friday.

Treatment for blocked arteries has seen Pope Ratzinger confined for several months to a bleak vegan diet of lamb’s lettuce and tofu crackers.

However the strict regime has left Papa Ratzi craving one last fast food binge-out as all the signs and portents on his natal astrology chart point to a major Summer Solstice faultline imploding.

“Blessed are the fast food delivery boys,” the ex-Pontiff’s PR said today, “for they shall get a damn good tip for concealing some secret garlic and chili dipping sauce for the Pope’s Last Supper.

“Wanna see digitized final shots of the Papal aorta before the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on Friday?”

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