image for Rupert Murdoch is mad at Bill Clinton, keeps tweeting names of the President's secret brats
Hands up anyone who’s hoodwinked Old Rupe

New York – He’s already posted the names of three top suspects as the long-term effects of 14-year prenup tension begins to bite at those wrinkly, octogenarian gonads. [Ouch!]

Today pals of the NewsCorpse mogul kinda insisted Big Rupe always knew the ‘real’ ID of wife No 3 Wendi Deng’s birth Pa, and has only himself to blame for the current matrimonial mess.

So far however Wendi’s name has not appeared on those solitary tweets as divorce lawyers begin deciphering the 1999 agreement that couple signed ‘on the banks of the Jordan’…just yards from where their daughter Grace was subsequently christened in godfather Tony Blair’s arms in 2001.

“Having the Comeback Kid as your father-in-law had a certain cachet when Rupert and Wendi tied the know in 1999,” a matrimonial paralegal source said today.

“Now he finally knows just how many siblings-in-law come with the package the marriage is over – just like his backing of the Democrat Party.”

Chelsea Clinton is 69.

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