image for Justin Bieber Starting To Give Kat Von D and Jesse James Some Serious Competition in The Tattoo Department
The NYPD is still reportedly looking into Justin Bieber’s alleged mop bucket peeing incident.

CHICAGO – Justin Bieber says he is doing his level best to try and stay out of trouble but that’s kinda like Kirstie Alley saying she is going to cut back on her cookies consumption.

Bieber who appears to be trying so hard to become one of the “Big Boys” has fallen flat of late.

His peeing exploits in New York City could still get him hit with an indecent exposure charge if one or both of the two females who were present decide to come forward and admit that they say his winky.

Bedroom Pillow Talk is reporting that the two women have already contacted lawyers and are probably hoping to settle out of court so that Justin is not embarrassed when the judge marks his private part as Exhibit A.

Bieber has suddenly become a fan of ink art as noted by his weekly tattoo addition.

He appears to be giving the highly tattooed Kat Von D and Jesse James some ink art competition.

Justin says that his latest tattoo is an eye on his arm which he says is his mom looking out after him.

An inside source said that the 19-year-old Canadian singer is contemplating next getting a tattoo of his cousin Bubby’s tongue, his aunt Charlotte’s right ear lobe, and his hair stylist’s limp wrist.

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