Rovio is planning to debut a new game in its Angry Birds series, entitled Angry Birds Go. Created in partnership with RedBull, the game was first teased in mid-June with a website that featured a bird dashing down a pathway.

Angry Birds Go is unlike Rovio’s standard Angry Birds games, which focus on physics-based puzzles solved by flinging birds at various structures. Instead, the game appears to be a kart racing game. As noted by our sister site TouchArcade, Redbull has a multitude of racing games in the App Store already.

The specific game mechanics are unclear, but it does appear that players will race karts against each other. While the video teaser does not mention a specific release date, it does say “All will be revealed soon!”

I am sick to death of bloody Angry Birds!
when in doubt, make a kart racing game.

Rovio is going to milk every last cent they can out of that franchise.

How is it any different than any other video game company? EA Sports = rehash same engine 10 years in a row, put new names on jerseys, slightly spruce graphics…rinse repeat.

Call of Duty.
_________ (insert any one of 100+ franchises here)

Rovio is going to milk every last cent they can out of that franchise.
I despise Angry Birds, the worst game in history in my book. For some reason I can’t stand it, I’ve tried multiple times, no kidding.

But because this is a Go’ Kart game I might actually enjoy it.. We’ll see..

I’m holding out for Angry Birds NFL Blitz:

Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, and Seahawks vs. the 80’s era Redskins, AKA “The Hogs”.

I’m probably as bored with the Angry Birds franchise as everyone else but at least put yourself in their shoes…wouldn’t you milk it for everything it’s worth?

I know I would 😀

Rovio is going to milk every last cent they can out of that franchise.

As does every successful franchise, not really a Rovio phenomenon.

As an Angry Birds fan (perhaps not devotee) and someone who generally likes karting games, I’m quite happy for them to milk every last cent from the franchise they can.

Personally, I think better that than yet another sequel to some stupid FPS mindless violent crap blood sport game featuring overly steroid enhanced men running around in combat gear armed to the hilt with weapons shooting everything in sight, but I digress. 😉

So now we’ve got Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars 2, Angry Birds Friends, and the spinoff Bad Piggies. I think it’s time for a break.

What birds are they talking about and why are they so angry? :/

The ones who drink Red Bull. Go figure…

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