Starbucks Coffee has begun a new marketing campaign billed as a way to call upon Congress to “come together” and stop bickering.

From Wednesday to Friday, Starbucks will give away a free tall brewed coffee to any customer in the U.S. who buys another person a beverage at Starbucks.

This “pay it forward” type of concept is the brainchild of the current Starbucks CEO. He believes that the American people, by their example, by buying each other coffee, at Starbucks, will influence Congress to come together and treat each other better.

An anonymous customer of the coffee chain, commented, “So let me see if I understand this right. I buy a tall brewed coffee or something like it for another customer. Starbucks gives me a “free” tall coffee. Is that right? And somehow, this will straighten out the budget talks and bickering in D.C.? I buy a coffee for someone else. I give Starbucks my money. Starbucks gives me my coffee anyway. Ohhhh. I get it. It’s kind of a buy one, get one free thing. Kind of like with the government. I pay income tax now, but I’ll get a little chunk of it back later. Some other people and organizations will get a chunk of it now. Wait, so how does this work? I buy a coffee for another guy. Then the corporation gets that money now, but still gives me my coffee but I guess that other guy got a free one? So, this will influence Congress? Yeah, ok. I have no doubt of Starbucks sincerity, and totally believe in this campaign. Really. I do. Do I get a free refill?”

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