Messaging app WhatsApp Messenger has been updated with an iOS 7 inspired redesign, bringing one of the more popular apps in the App Store in line with Apple’s new “flat” design sense. In addition, the app has also been updated with Broadcast Lists, an improved interface for managing blocked contacts and more.


What’s New in Version 2.11.5

– new iOS 7 User Interface
– broadcast lists: communicate with your classmates, work colleagues or just friends by messaging many people at once.
– improved share location: 3D map view, hide places, search places
– large thumbs: see more
– new notification alerts and sounds: WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > New Message.
– application will now use your device text size as configured in iOS Settings > General > Text Size
– new improved User Interface for managing your blocked contacts: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked
– crop image before sending

Broadcast Lists allow users to set and save groups of people they wish to blind carbon copy messages to. Previously, users had to select recipients each time they wished to broadcast a message rather than broadcasting to already defined groups of people such as “Work” or “Schoolmates.”

WhatsApp Messenger is available for free on the App Store. [Direct Link]

For a company that took forever to update its app for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen, I’ll speak for everyone here when I say “:)”.

If only I didn’t use iMessage instead.

When it was not so popular the updates were much more frequent.

Dat Flat UI

well im not going to update now.

Well then don’t.

That only took a couple of days…lol!
Haven’t been using my phone much for anything since I smashed my screen a couple months back. But I must say, these iOS apps are getting pretty ugly with this flat look. Flat is one thing, but where the hell is the color? I can do flat, but if everything is white and gray? That’s like a zombie. Mr. Forstall must be rolling on the floor in agony.

WhatsApp does seem to be the only true cross-platform messaging app of the smartphone age

Must be some funny definition of “cross platform” you have there. Whatsapp doesn’t install on an ipad or iPod touch. Google Hangouts works on ios (any device), Android, your Windows pc, Mac OS.

And best reason to use Hangouts: built in a animated gif support. Missing support for videos and map-location-sharing, though.

Well then don’t.

hence what I wrote 😀
I just dont feel like having another bright white theme in my face 😛

well im not going to update now.

…another bright white app I can use as a tourch. I’ve noticed a few apps getting night themes since ios 7. I hope apple take note.

Yes bless their souls (the ones who at least give us a night option)

…another bright white app I can use as a torch. I’ve noticed a few apps getting night themes since ios 7. I hope apple take note.

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