image for President Putin Warns Kim Jong Un If He Fires Off Another Missile It Could Be His Last
North Korean missile Red-02, which Kim Jong Un reportedly purchased from Zimbabwe.

MOSCOW – Reports coming out of Russia are that President Vladimir Putin has just about had his fill of the Asian Pillsbury Doughboy Kim Jong Un.

President Putin told Russia’s national news agency Vodkavich that he has never known a world leader who flapped his mouth more than the North Korean leader.

Putin stated that Kim Jong Un probably utters more damn words in one 24 hour period than the entire hair salon staff at Moscow’s largest beauty salon Lady Olga’s.

The Russian president noted that it seems like everytime he turns to CNN to watch either Piers Morgan or Anderson Cooper they are talking about Kim Jong Un firing off yet another missile.

President Putin sent a text message to the North Korean leader warning him that if he dares to fire one more of his flea-market missiles, then it could very well be the last one that North Korea ever launches.

In A Related Story. Monday, December 23rd, is National Vodka Drinking Day in Russia.

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