image for Woman Has Three-Hour Orgasm, Rushed to Hospital

For one woman, a mind-blowing orgasm sent her to heaven, then through a lot of pain and after three hours, to the hospital emergency room in Seattle.

The lady had just had sex with her partner, but well after he climbed off, Liz was hitting new peaks of pleasure.

“I first thought, wow! This is fantastic but after awhile, I began to get sore.”

About an hour into her epic climax, Liz started to panic and began trying jumping up and down and drinking wine, etc.

By the second hour, the panting woman was rushed to hospital where medical staff thought she was in labor.

“Ever get the hiccups for several hours? That’s as close as I can get to telling anyone about how it felt after…whooo! Did it again!”

We told her it was our fault for sending male reporters. They certainly got distracted and forgot to make more videos than the early ones.

Liz’s orgasm apparently lasted for well over three hours before she finally found relief. The hospital wouldn’t say how they got it to stop or if it stopped on its own.

“I guess that was an “aftershock”, she smiled. “Hope so. I guess I just ruined the computer ads. It’s no fun after awhile.”

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