Flat design has lost its lustre, and designers are now looking to pack their designs with texture, color, and pattern. So if you want to add a bit of punch to your design, look no further than this massive backgrounds bundle.

MightyDeals.com has arranged a huge 94% discount on this incredible bundle of 1600+ hi-res backgrounds.

The files are fantastic for all kinds of use, from flyers, posters, and leaflets, to websites, apps, and banners.

Split into 19 different thematic sets the bundle covers styles ranging from watercolor, to grunge, to deep space. The files are almost all 300dpi, and resolutions range from 2560x1600px to 6000x4000px making them perfect for retina screens.

The bundle even comes with an extended license that means you can use these files on unlimited personal and commercial projects.

The regular retail price of this bundle is $ 300, but for a limited time you can download all 1600+ files for just $ 17, that’s 94% off!

Head over to MightyDeals to grab this deal today.

Watercolot Backgrounds prev3_24Feb Abstract-Polygon-Backgrounds-prevA Textile_ModernArt prev Winter_Ink prev 300-Polygonal-Backgrounds-prev-2A 250-Abstract-Backgrounds-prev-2A 200-Watercolor-Backgrounds-prevA 150-Blurred-Dot-Backgrounds-prev-2A 100-Grunge-Backgrounds-prev-2A 100-Space-Backgrounds-prevA


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