What movies teach us

Portrait of the Artist as Hitler’s Grandson

Self-portrait of the piss artist, circa 2001 Texas – The Fuhrer’s highly impressionist painting skills may have skipped a generation but […]

Scientists Discover A Hidden Ocean On Saturn

The planet Saturn shown at the lower right hand corner. SAGINAW, Michigan – One of the most highly respected astrological observatories […]

California Hires An Earthquake Preventer

Only Hyderpindi Peshgooli knows the secret to his earthquake prevention. SACRAMENTO – The state of California acting on the concerns of […]

Ex-CIA boss to face grilling

Congressional sources tell Spoof News that former acting CIA director Michael Morell can expect a mouthwatering meal when he faces the House […]

Report Suggests That Texting While Riding A Motorcycle Probably Dangerous

What is this 1998?! A new report published this week by the National Transportation Safety Board has advised motorcyclists that sending […]

The San Antonio Spurs Extend Their Win Streak To 18 As They Defeat The Indiana Pacers

The Spurs gave the game ball to the man in charge of handing out the bottles of Gatorade. INDIANAPOLIS – The […]

Pope Francis Invites Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un To Visit Him At The Vatican

A group of Vatican nuns running some errands for Pope Francis. VATICAN CITY – The Vatican View News Agency of Vatican […]

Back off and back to strategies as US and Russia trade charges while Saudi Arabia changes support of jihadis in Syria

Iraq stabilized following US action in 03 Saying “back off!” loudly, as with a warning to the pit bull eyeing the […]