Getting all _post or _get variables, array or per 1

By default, all forms submitted values, whether by method=get or method=post It will result in 1 global variable $_POST  or $_GET With the $_post array if(isset($_post[‘variable_in_question’])) […]

Female Sexist Joke

Lets start with the analysis part : Woman – A Chemical Analysis Element : Woman Symbol : Wo Atomic Weight : Accepted as 118, but known […]

My Webs

Just thought of adding few links of what my websites basicaly are , As a web developer, I have several projects online besides my current job, […]

Facebook ! a success myth or a huge scam?

Many people think of facebook as the hugest success story, the innovation in the world of social networking ! Even though myspace was there and others […]

Synchronise database field columns in mysql

This post is useful if you are having a similar issue , which in my case was like this I was importing a drupal database, using […]

UHA extension ? how to extract !

If you got  a UHA extension file , Here is what you need to get basically its not just for this extension, its a Universal […]

عينه رائعه من اهل غزه الكبار:: Gazan Citizen

This is the cryful, cheerful post, it is amazing how it can be dramatic and ironic at same time, a post from a gazan citizen on […]

The Cedar Island, New project in Lebanon

This was an email forwarded to me about this upcoming dream project the cedar island … oh well Good luck to get it “doable” before done.

Why am i blogging?

Well, I hate introductions, but some people want to hear em, as a bit old internet user, i probably should have blogged years before, but still […]