Facebook Considering Optional End-to-End Encryption for Messenger

Facebook is planning to introduce an optional end-to-end encryption mode for its Facebook Messenger chat platform, currently used by more than 900 million people, reports The […]

Facebook, Google and Other Silicon Valley Companies Side with Samsung in Patent Case

Facebook, Google, eBay, HP, Dell and other Silicon Valley companies weighed in on the ongoing Samsung and Apple patent case, siding with the Korean company in […]

Facebook Working on ‘Moneypenny’ Personal Assistant for Messenger

Additionally, Facebook previewed the ability for users to be able to message businesses directly (‘https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2015/03/25/introducing-messenger-platform-and-businesses-on-messenger/’) to receive updates and shipping confirmations about their online orders as […]

Facebook Debuts ‘Instant Articles’ for Faster Article Loading on iPhone [iOS Blog]

Good – maybe more apps will adopt this same feature. Intra-app browsers are terrible.

Facebook Launches New ‘Riff’ iOS App for Collaborative Videos [iOS Blog]

Facebook today launched a new app called Riff, which is designed to let people create collaborative videos with their friends by linking multiple videos surrounding a […]

Facebook Turns Messenger Into a Platform, Allows Third-Party iOS App Integration

At today’s F8 Facebook Developer Conference, Facebook debuted its new Messenger Platform, a major update to the Messenger service that allows users to send content like […]

Facebook Messenger App for iOS Gains Money Transfer Feature [iOS Blog]

Everyone here is being unnecessarily negative. Facebook has a knack for making life easier. This makes life easier. Life without Facebook is a lot easier. At […]

Top Downloaded iOS Apps of 2014 Include Minecraft, YouTube, Heads Up and Facebook Messenger

Apple today shared cumulative lists of the best performing apps in the App Store across 2014 with various media sites and on iTunes, highlighting the iPad […]

Facebook Launches ‘Messenger’ Companion App ‘Stickered’ in iOS App Store [iOS Blog]

Just……stop…..facebook! As if being forced to use Messenger for chatting isn’t bad enough? Yay….app for app that used to be part of app.