Facebook Promises That Location Data is ‘Only One of the Factors’ in Friend Suggestions

Seriously, why do people still use this app?

Facebook for iOS Now Features Human-Curated Events List in 10 Cities

Facebook today announced plans to add human curation to its Facebook Events feature on iOS devices, with designated curators set to highlight notable events in a […]

Facebook Forcing Users to Install Moments App to Retain Synced Photos

My God, if this company tries to harvest as much frustration as possible they are doing an amazing job at it! Glassed Silver:mac

Facebook Quietly Kills Off ‘Notify’ News Alert App for iOS

Facebook has officially shut down Notify, its real-time, notification-based news app for iOS. The company sent an alert to users of the app last night, explaining […]

Facebook Considering Optional End-to-End Encryption for Messenger

Facebook is planning to introduce an optional end-to-end encryption mode for its Facebook Messenger chat platform, currently used by more than 900 million people, reports The […]

Facebook, Google and Other Silicon Valley Companies Side with Samsung in Patent Case

Facebook, Google, eBay, HP, Dell and other Silicon Valley companies weighed in on the ongoing Samsung and Apple patent case, siding with the Korean company in […]

Facebook Working on ‘Moneypenny’ Personal Assistant for Messenger

Additionally, Facebook previewed the ability for users to be able to message businesses directly (‘https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2015/03/25/introducing-messenger-platform-and-businesses-on-messenger/’) to receive updates and shipping confirmations about their online orders as […]

Facebook Debuts ‘Instant Articles’ for Faster Article Loading on iPhone [iOS Blog]

Good – maybe more apps will adopt this same feature. Intra-app browsers are terrible.

Facebook Launches New ‘Riff’ iOS App for Collaborative Videos [iOS Blog]

Facebook today launched a new app called Riff, which is designed to let people create collaborative videos with their friends by linking multiple videos surrounding a […]