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To delete or not, Tweets .. and how?

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You’re a different PersonTime and Incident factors your decisions back then, your tweets could be out dated or taken out of context.Change or advancement of Political or Social opinionsEmbarassing old tweets maybe?Finally, readers of old tweets are rare .. and usually “Diggers” type. Here is how you could do some…

Victims MUST pay twice in Lebanon its the Law

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How ATMs IN Lebanon WORKIt is very common to pay twice at any crime when it occurs in Lebanon. let’s back up here… What Theft ?  How did it happen ? How is it still happening ? What other crimes you pay twice for ? A Year Ago,  and yes…

The Vatican Mecca and Jerusalem Suspend Customer Support

Apparently the religious reps have bad IT infrastructure. For centuries the representatives of God’s will have siphoned our monies into their vaults… well to be honest when I say our, I dare say our speaking in general, personally they owe me nothing.  I have never donated or supported religious faculties…