Lebanese freedom of speech “under the provision of the law”


The (un)realistic freedom !

Lebanon’s Information Minister George Kordahi became the center of attention after his comments about Sauidi-Yemen conflict triggering Ambassadors expulsion from Saudi Arabia and other Arab league countries as well as Embassies suspension in Lebanon…
(Worth noting, this is not the reason of cutting diplomatic ties by itself, it is more of the last reason, the straw that cut it)

Saudi Arabia & Lebanon

So does this fall under freedom of speech ? – dozens of opinions lacking logic !

Since 2005 alignment of some political parties together and they have been called the party of March 8 in Lebanon, this union also supports what “they call” the left resistance axis, which I personally do not adopt since I do not understand resistance from what aside from progress

Axis-8 (Let’s call them that for now) –

Oh boy they have been busy, more than what you could have seen in food, fuel or financial crisis all !
This is a sample of how their social media machine is working and which angles they have been approaching.

  • Kerdahi spoke the truth
  • Saudi’s are killing Yemenis & Yemeni war is indeed ruthless
  • Kerdahi is a Lebanese minister, and Lebanese are granted freedom of speech *
  • This is a US-Saudi conspiracy steering Lebanon into void again
  • US-Saudi-Emirati-Israeli dirty war on #Yemen < Literally this has been used!
  • People who criticized Kordahi’s comments are generally “traitors” – “slaves to the imperialist US-Saudi- Israeli Alliances”
  • Racist videos regarding Saudi nationals (Unfortunate strategy the Axis-8 resorts to every time) and am not talking about common people, am talking about some of their supposedly high ranking influencers posting such stuff !
  • Both influencers and bots aligned on attacks on any influencer who disagreed **
  • Influencers preaching freedom of speech (Disregarding the full view of the story)
  • Using unreal or different war images to stir sympathy to Yemeni’s (Not that anyone really denies the crisis there)
  • Saudi’s must not extort Lebanon with the Lebanese expats working in SA .. (More on this later)
  • Asking and attacking Saudis for guarantees not to approach or retaliate on the Lebanese diaspora

The truth is hereby is just a perspective, just like our Palestinian-Israeli conflict and dozens of wars in the Middle east, the only truth within I recognize is victims paying the price of their warlord’s decisions. Are we even allowed to ask why? and which Yemeni’s (considering there is a supporting gov) what about the Houthi Militia part in this? Innocent spectators?
Do politicians even have a “personal opinion”? Well maybe they do but here is the kick
Where have you seen politicians bark at the same hand they are licking? That is a strange dilemma indeed

Despite this statement from SaudiArabia FM: “The comments of the minister are symptoms of a reality, that the political scene in #Lebanon continues to be dominated by #Hezbollah, a terrorist group that arms, supplies & trains #Houthi militias.”

The Axis-8 puppets seems to still go around and accuse Saudis of retaliation agenda and attack on their citizens, which begs the question really : Why do you want to work for a nation that you accuse for terrorism and dictatorship? (again very ironic considering who is accusing them)

On the other side, how free Saudis are to express this opinions and questions ? Seemingly they do alright, however there is the Khashegji incident that states otherwise … BUT how much do “I” know about it ?
I am definitely in no place to confirm or deny either allegations and that is for Saudi nationals or residents to testify on or refute … most of this axis-8 puppets know nothing of what is really going on except what their media and whatsapp groups commands them to say

LB Governmental Reactions

Kordahi was speaking off a personal opinion
The government does not adopt his opinion
Kordahi should not resign (majority) .. PM Mikati wished him resignation though

Economically Lebanon hosts Hezbollah which is listed in dozen countries as a terrorist group, yet they are asking those very same countries for aid and support.

This quote could resemble everyone, literally anyone you tell it to, would agree .. until they don’t

So how do things really work there ?

In Lebanon, and for a long while Palestinians were accused of being the very part of the Palestinian Militias, and in common generalizations they are also corrupt and evil.
This time around, with what is happening sadly it is very similar or dare say repetition of the same scenario, where militias are in control locally and publicly and resemble the majority across their reign and alliances … but the real truth is far from obvious

Where do freedom of speech propaganda come into play? Almost everywhere .. it is very situational and depends on who is being defended, are you from that Axis ? We’ve got your covered

On the other hand, dozens has been dragged to investigations by the “intelligence” enforcement agencies, police and army alike for saying something unlikable, even in a tweet or a facebook post.
Freedom of speech within the Lebanese community, like it has been for a while in Palestinian community, is now very “Subjective” and here is a list of laws they can use “on demand”

You can easily be accused of overstepping or exposing or attacking official statuses, like Presidential chair, PM, MP, Religious Positions, Religious beliefs, Common law
Some had the extreme accusations of “possibly inflicting national threat” because of a tweet !
Yes, those extremes were went to just to silence anyone who had an opinion ..
On the top of my head I can list Tony Khoury, Michel Shamoun, Mohamad El Omor, Ahmad Amhaz, Asaad Thebian, Wasef el Harake, Elie Haykal, Pierre Hashash, Makram Rabah, Omar Mserrah, Rabih Zein
All of which were dragged or requested for investigations for a tweet or an opinion !
Yes and all of this happening while people with full artillery and armor are caught on video and were never questioned.

Those are not civil war images, those were two weeks ago, Oct 14th 2021, where the very axis of miracles, has went to protest against the judge Bitar who tried to question officials in the 4Th Aug Port bombing of 2020.
Now who was dragged to military prisons and investigations, you guessed it (not), the people of the region that was attacked and assumably or definitely fought back.

Excluding a single martyr woman who died at home, with zero involvement in this, their so called martyrs were all people in arms gunning at other civilians, and why am I mentioning this ?
Because it was also flagged under their “Freedom of speech” assembled protest !

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